Research Your Home

Moreland Hills Historical Society Heritage and Century Home Recognition Program

To begin your research, go to the Auditor’s and Recorder’s web sites below to find current maps, parcel numbers, page & book numbers.  Read the research directions on the Dept of Public Works’ web site and make an appointment to visit.  Proceed to the Archives for supplemental information.

Department of Public Works
Deed records from 1810.        Research BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Cuyahoga County Archives
Tax duplicates from 1819-1986, maps and descriptions for older properties.

Cuyahoga County Office of the Auditor
GIS maps, house & land descriptions, tax duplicates, & current owner information from 1975 to date.

Cuyahoga County Recorder’s Office
Deeds, mortgages, tax information, late 20th century.