About President James A. Garfield


Garfield Memorial Cabin (length=10 minutes)
Produced by Scott Newell for Moreland Hills Historical Society-2017


20TH President of the United States of America
Term: March 4, 1881 to September 19, 1881
(Republican Party)

Born:  November 19, 1831 Orange Twp – now the Village of Moreland Hills, Ohio. More about his Neighbors
More about the JAG Birthsite

1931 Dedication commemorating the anniversary of Garfields Birth (length=2 minutes)

Education:  Attended Geauga Academy and Western Reserve Eclectic Institute; 1856 graduate of Williams College.

Military:  Colonel of the 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Later he was promoted to brigadier general.

Assassinated: July 2, 1881 shote twice in the back by the insane Charles Julius Guiteau at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington Terminal

Died: September 19, 1881 Elberton, New Jersey, September 19, 1881.

Entombed: 1890 Garfield Memorial, Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.

Parents: Abram Garfield, Eliza Ballou Garfield

Siblings: Mehitabel (1821-1909), Thomas (1822-1910), Mary (1824-1884), James Ballou (1826-1829)

Spouse: Lucretia Rudolf m. 1858 Hiram, Ohio

Children: Eliza Arabella (1860-1863), Harry Augustus (1863-1942), James Rudolph (1865-1950), Mary (Mollie) (1867-1947, Irvin McDowell (1870-1951), Abram (1872-1958),
Edward (1874-1876)

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