MHHS Membership and Volunteers

We are especially appreciative of the strong foundation of our organization held together by its members and volunteers.

2017  Board of Trustees

President: Maureen Geck
Vice President: Marilyn Peckinpaugh
Treasurer: Michael Bergschneider
J. A. Garfield Cabin Coordinator and Docent:  Sandra Vodanoff
Secretary:  Jon Martin
vist:  Sandy Cobb


 Membership/Donor Form 20161111membershipdonorform  

 Volunteer Opportunities      

  • Cabin Guides:  Looking for student or adult Volunteers to educate visitors about the birth and childhood of our 20th President James A. Garfield.  This is a great way to meet new people and share in an important part of history.
    •  This position requires as little as 3 hours a year.
  • Event Planner/Coordinator:  Again, a great way to meet new people.  We have events we host and others we support.  We need fresh new ideas if you have them!
  • Historical Researcher:  Your passion for the history of Moreland Hills will find a home within our group.  We love tall tales, real tales and stories of yesteryear.   Won’t you uncover the past along side us?
  • Fundraiser:  We could use your help acquiring funds to maintain and man the Garfield cabin and funds to helps us continue our preservation efforts..
  • Path Conservation and Clean up:  The .25 mile path behind the replica cabin through the woods needs cleaned up and better identified.  If your passion includes nature and conservation, we could use your help.