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In 1829 settlers of the Connecticut Western Reserve, Township 7, Range 10 established a new township, Orange, named for a Connecticut town.  In 1845 the Township of Chagrin Falls was formed from sub-divisions of Orange Township and Geauga County.  Moreland Hills Village was formed from a part of Chagrin Falls Township in 1929.  In 1931 an eastern portion or Orange Village seceded and was annexed to Moreland Hills. The first mayor was Frank J. Lynch.  The Village comprised 7.12 square miles and had 144 residents.

After the Civil War the township was devoted largely to farming and dairying.  Jedediah Brainard owned 279 acres in township no. 7; M. A. Lander was the proprietor of a cheese factory,  C. L. Jackson owned one of the finest farms in the township.  Perry and John Mapes were noted for “Mapes Brothers: milk, cream and maple syrup which became the Telling Belle Vernon Mapes Company.

The growth of Moreland Hills was due largely to one man, Robert Stern Sr.  Mr. Stern came to Orange Township in 1918.  The barn of the old Stern farm is still in existence off Jackson Road as is the Old one-room schoohouse now converted to a residence on the same road.  Starting in 1937, in the Jackson-Lander are, Mr. Stern brought a new concept to suburban living.  The large number of today’s residents live in areas developed by Mr. Stern.

An early description of the village: ” Moreland Hills is a scenic rural center of golf and polo clubs, or renovated farm houses and fine country homes, a district well known for its scenic beauty.”