This is James A. Garfield Birthsite Park

Garfield Memorial Cabin Video
produced 2017 by Scott Newell (length=10 minutes)


JAG Birthsite Brochure                        Contact a Docent to open the Cabin (free).

BORN: Orange Township – now the Village of Moreland Hills, Ohio.  November 19, 1831.

MILITARY: Colonel of the 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Later he was promoted to brigadier general.

INAUGURATION: 1881 as 20th President of the United States.  His presidency lasted for 100 days.

ASSASSINATED: July 2, 1881 by Charles Guiteau

DIED: Elberton, New Jersey, September 19, 1881.  Entombed: Garfield Memorial, Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.

Some Light Reading While We Cont. Lockdown amidst the Covid-19 Virus

“So – Moreland Hills, we hail your quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. Your still beautiful trees and long views of the Valley and your ensuing generations may be mindful of the following: this land produced a President of the United States and a great many other people who helped in the transition from beautiful farm country to beautiful home country. They built lovely homes, raised fine families and made Moreland Hills a beautiful place to live.”

This quote is taken from a 1975 letter written by Bob Stern, Jr. to “Virginia” which shares a bit of Bob’s insight as to our community’s transition from agriculture to suburban. Continue reading

Robin & Cathy Schwind Day

Mayor Dan Fritz, Village Council along with the Parks Commission extended a grand gesture of appreciation to the Schwind’s for their year’s of effort in preserving the memories and monuments at Hogsback Hills Cemetery.  Mayor Fritz read a Proclamation during last weeks Council meeting.  In addition the Historical Society installed a gift at the cemetery of a stone bench, donated by a member, to honor the Schwind’s.  Click here to view the Proclamation
(Thanks Erin for sharing video!)