James A. Garfield Cabin Wish List

If you have an item or suggestion email us MHHSohio@gmail.com

Wood Chest of drawers or Wood shelving
Spinning wheel (acquired)
for yarn, thread, or both?
Blanket Chest (acquired)
Bed (acquired)
Table(s) & seating (acquired)
Loom (small)
If spinning wheel is for thread
Knitting basket (acquired)
Knitting wool, needles & project
Sewing basket with fabric, thread, pins & needles
Broom (acquired)
Quilts (2) (acquired)
Rocking chair (acquired)
Ladder to loft (acquired)
Lamps (6) (acquired)
Chamber Pot (acquired)
Faux Fur (Bear, Squirrel, Rabbit, Fox)

Colt revolver &/or Winchester Rifle (toy, nonworking, replica)
fishing hooks, line,
trpa axe
Bed wrench (acquired)
Nails (acquired)
Maul (acquired)

Tub for hot water (metal or wood)
Clothes line & pegs (acquired)
Washboard (acquired)
Wood ash & ash sifter (acquired)
Soap, ash & fat, or stale urine?

Boys pants, drop front & suspenders
See drawing of JAG with stick
2 Boys shirts
2 Boys jackets
2 Girls dress, nightshirt or skirt
Woman’s shawl, can be knitted
Kids boots
Kitchen rags

Bible (acquired)
Housekeeping (Godey’s Women’s Book)
Child’s reader (acquired)
JAG favorites (acquired)
Slate & Chalk (acquired)

Doll (acquired)

2-3 plates, cups (transfer ware or whatever is old)
Wooden bowls (acquired)
Ceramic crocks (acquired)
Cast iron pots (2) (acquired)
Iron spoon & sieve (acquired)
Fireplace screen (acquired)
Skillets (2) (acquired)
Fire poker (acquired)
White Birch Logs for Fireplace

An Oldie but Goodie!

James A. Garfield Birthsite Memorial
1931 Dedication

This clip was found in our archives and recognized as the treasure that it is by MHHS Archivist Sandy Cobb who used her resources to digitize it.  We thank freelance reporter Scott Newell of Pepper Pike for narrating it on our behalf.  Enjoy!

This is James A. Garfield Birthsite Park

Thanks Scott Newell for recording this VIDEO.
(length=10 minutes)

JAG Birthsite Brochure                        Contact a Docent to open the Cabin (free).

BORN: Orange Township – now the Village of Moreland Hills, Ohio.  November 19, 1831.

MILITARY: Colonel of the 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Later he was promoted to brigadier general.

INAUGURATION: 1881 as 20th President of the United States.  His presidency lasted for 100 days.

ASSASSINATED: July 2, 1881 by Charles Guiteau.

DIED: Elberon, New Jersey, September 19, 1881.  Entombed: Garfield Memorial, Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.

Some Light Reading While We Cont. Lockdown amidst the Covid-19 Virus

“So – Moreland Hills, we hail your quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. Your still beautiful trees and long views of the Valley and your ensuing generations may be mindful of the following: this land produced a President of the United States and a great many other people who helped in the transition from beautiful farm country to beautiful home country. They built lovely homes, raised fine families and made Moreland Hills a beautiful place to live.”

This quote is taken from a 1975 letter written by Bob Stern, Jr. to “Virginia” which shares a bit of Bob’s insight as to our community’s transition from agriculture to suburban. Continue reading

Robin & Cathy Schwind Day

Mayor Dan Fritz, Village Council along with the Parks Commission extended a grand gesture of appreciation to the Schwind’s for their year’s of effort in preserving the memories and monuments at Hogsback Hills Cemetery.  Mayor Fritz read a Proclamation during last weeks Council meeting.  In addition the Historical Society installed a gift at the cemetery of a stone bench, donated by a member, to honor the Schwind’s.  Click here to view the Proclamation
(Thanks Erin for sharing video!)