Food + Friends = One Good Weekend

On February 17, 2019 the Moreland Hills Historical Society invites you to a meal fit for a King, (or perhaps a President!).  The 20th President of the United States, to be exact.  Did you know that James A. Garfield was said to have had a fondness for Squirrel Soup?

Our chefs have been frantically chasing the squirrels around Moreland Hills to no avail, so we’ll be serving up our rendition of Imitation Squirrel Soup.

Click Here for Your Invitation.

For those of you wishing to make an authentic Squirrel Soup; we found this recipe originally published in, The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887) / Cooking, Toilet and Household Recipes, Menus, Dinner-Giving, Table-Etiquette, Care, Page 37 of 619.


“Wash and quarter three or four good sized squirrels; put them on, with a small tablespoonful of salt, directly after breakfast, in a gallon of cold water. Cover the pot close, and set it on the back part of the stove to simmer gently, not boil. Add vegetables just the same as you do in case of other meat soups in the summer season, but especially good will you find corn, Irish potatoes, tomatoes and Lima beans. Strain the soup through a coarse colander when the meat has boiled to shreds, so as to get rid of the squirrels’ troublesome little bones. Then return to the pot, and after boiling a while longer, thicken with a piece of butter rubbed in flour. Celery and parsley leaves chopped up are also considered an improvement by many. Toast two slices of bread, cut them into dice one-half inch square, fry them in butter, put them into the bottom of your tureen, and then pour the soup boiling hot upon them. Very good.”


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