Moreland Hills Historical Society Heritage and Century Home Recognition Project

The Moreland Hills Historical Society’s Heritage and Century Home Project is designed to help residents wishing to discover more about the history of their home and to recognize homes in the Village that are over 100 years old and have retained their historic features.

Century Homes (100 years old) selected for designation will receive a plaque to place on the house.  The one time COST to purchase the plaque is the expense of the applicant.


  1. Original structure must have been built for residential use. (No combined uses with commercial or other types of uses). Multi-family structures are eligible.
  2. The building must be documented to be over 50 years old.
  3. The house must reflect its original architectural character.
  4. Additions and alterations to the house are acceptable; however, the original architectural character should not be compromised. Houses that have been resided with vinyl or other siding types are not automatically disqualified from recognition.
  5. The house must not exhibit signs of deferred maintenance, which threatens the economic life of the structure.
  6. The house should exhibit how to care for older houses.

SELECTION PROCESS: The Moreland Hills Historical Society will review the submitted Heritage and Century Home Applications. All of the selection criteria must be met.

RECOGNITION: Qualifying Century homes will be recognized with a plaque (century) for placement on the house. The one time COST to purchase the plaque is the expense of the applicant.

NOTE: This program is an honorary award only. It does not qualify homes for local or national historical designation, does not place restrictions upon work to the house in any way, nor does it provide financial assistance for maintenance of designated homes.

Click Here to Print an Application For a Century Home Plaque