Millcreek Lane


This article was shared by Alice Lubell


Email Sent to MHHS From Alice (Reed) Lubell 2016

I read your article/inquiry regarding village street names.  My family
and I live in our family house on Mill Creek Lane.  My parents always
told us the story of Mill Creek Lane, but I called my sister and she in
turn emailed our brother (both out-of-town) and we have the same story!

First off, on our maternal side, we are descendants of the Jacksons,
Stonemans and Murfeits of Moreland Hills.  Our parents built our house
on the Murfeit Farm (but didn’t know it at the time) in 1956.  It was
pasture land at the time. The Murfeit Family farmhouse still stands
facing Chagrin Blvd.  I don’t know the address as I write this, but I
know the house.  My sister writes, “…I believe that the pond near the
entrance of Murwood Drive (the name was from the Murfiet Farm and our
relations) was the millpond fed by the creek running down what is now
Mill Creek Lane. …  This would be the millpond driving the farm
milling needs.”   Using common sense, thus Strawberry Lane could easily
have been a strawberry patch for the farm.  Just as an aside, our
property and the surrounding lots had numerous apple trees when we were

I hope this little bit of history will help.  I know between the three
of us, we have more history written down.  As I come across things, I
will set them aside for your viewing.

Have a great day.
Alice (Reed) Lubell

P.S.  Just to drop a few more names, we are the descendants (still on
the maternal side) of Leuty and Corlett.  My sister has much more
history on these family members.